Can You Watch Movies Online: Is It Legal Or Illegal?

Most of the people watch movies online very often either by downloading or by streaming, but not everyone is aware of the fact that not every website offers it for free. You can definitely find the one who is providing contents free of cost on the internet, but whether you have noticed or know that is it legal or illegal to enjoy it without losing a single penny? If not, then read this article and you will find the answer to this question.

Lately, there has been a sudden surge of various online streaming platforms and people started giving preference to this, as it comes with no-frills of TV connections. So which law governs the right of the creator?

Laws involved

Copyright law and intellectual property deal with the infringement of any contents made for the collection of profit. To watch movies online, copy content from another book, making a profit through the work of other artists, all these come under this law, as the makers have the ‘right to copy’ hence it is ‘copyright law’.

The other being the ‘Intellectual property’ also involves the same, as anything made or created by the use of the brain, it comes under the Intellectual property. Every country has its own customized law with are in harmony with the international law.

Well, hope so, till now you are not finding more jargons in this write-ups and able to touch the surface where this article wants you to touch.

Now the actual answer

Well, when you watch movies online, that is a completely different process. How? As you are watching a movie which has already been shared, it is extremely difficult to find who has firstly uploaded it, well, that clearly states that you can’t be prosecuted for just watching movie online on streaming site. Also, copyrights law body states that when you reproduce any contents as it is, there is no violation. Also, there are much live streaming websites being prevalent, from where you can watch with no worries.

However, there are various sites which can tell you about the legality of the video you are streaming on your system. There you can search for it, also if the contents you are looking for it illegal, then you can get the source from where you can watch it at a reasonable rate.

Hope so, this article has replete your repository of a knowledge base. 


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