MRE food – a healthy meal for difficult situations

Soldiers are the main reason why we are sleeping peacefully every night. Their importance is beyond explanation. But have you ever imagines how many difficulties they have to face in order to protect us? They not only have to protect us from vigilance and violence but with that, they also have to suffer a lot, just for us. That suffering includes not unstable sleep, nowhere to sleep, but the most important is the no food. In the war zone, it can be super difficult for anyone to get ingredients and prepare food there itself. Therefore, it gets difficult for them to eat a proper diet, and not eating a proper diet will result in loss of protein and other vitamins in their body which would definitely affect how they perform in the war zone. Thus, a new technique was invented in order to provide them with necessary vitamins, and that was MRE food.

What is MRE food?

It is also known as a meal, ready to eat. MRE food is the main operational food for US army. 1 MRE is equal to 1 meal. The packaging of MRE is the main thing which makes it unique. The packaging is done in such a way that it can survive exposure to the element and rough conditions. Each MRE consist of the main dish, with a variety of side dish and a drinking item. There are different flavors and variety available in Eversafe MREs food.

Items available in MRE

There are few items available in MRE, they are:

  1. Entrée- it is the main dish. Ex beef stew, spaghetti.
  2. Side dish – includes items like corn, fruits, rice, etc
  3. Bread
  4. Spread – butter, cheese, peanut butter
  5. Dessert – are available in some MRE, includes cookies, biscuits, etc.
  6. Beverages – coffee, tea, dairy shakes, etc.
  7. Accessories – spoon, fork, knife, sugar, chewing gum, salt, etc.

Advantages of MRE

  1. Nutrients – provide the soldiers with the necessary nutrients, so that they could perform with their highest caliber in the war zone.
  2. Portable – since its packaging is unique, it is made so that it can be easily portable. It is small in size and can easily fit a bag.
  3. Can be eaten in any condition – the best thing about MRE food is that it can be eaten in any condition. It can be consumed cold, you can also eat it after heating it. Another plus point about it is that it already has heating elements inside the packaging to make it even easier for the soldiers. 

Due to so many benefits, MRE food is one of the best inventions for the soldiers. It not only feeds them good food, but it gives them necessary proteins and vitamins so that they could perform well in the war zone.

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